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School uniform, equipment and mobile phones

All students who attend the Academy need a school uniform. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of community and we believe that our uniform is both practical and fair.

The Academy uniform 

Why have a uniform?

Here at The Academy at Shotton Hall we are proud of the impressive standard of our uniform and have been particularly delighted at the number of comments we have received about how smart students look.

We believe that proper school uniform is important because it:

  • instils pride in our students and the wider community
  • encourages identity with, and support for, our school ethos
  • protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • nurtures cohesion and promotes good relations between different groups of pupils
  • supports effective teaching and learning.

We would like to thank all parents for their help in maintaining the standard and to ask for support in our continued drive for consistency.

Blazers, shirts and jumpers
  • Plain white school shirt buttoned to the neck with school tie.

  • Blazer (straight or fitted version) with school badge and colour strip (only available from our official supplier Emblematic) - sleeves must not be rolled up. Year 7 students starting in September 2021 will have a YELLOW colour strip on their school badge. 
  • Optional black v-neck jumper with the school badge (only available from Emblematic). This should be worn underneath the blazer. It is not compulsory but cannot be used instead of a blazer.
Trousers and skirts
  • Plain black formal straight cut trousers - not jeans, leggings or stretchy style and no jean-style pockets (Must be at least 6” wide at the bottom).
  • Compulsory style knee-length skirt - available from Emblematic in line with our uniform standards. This skirt is heavily subsidised to support families.
Footwear Plain black, formal, leather or leather style shoes which can be polished. No trainers, plimsolls, pumps or boots. Socks must be black, grey or white.
  • Outside coats must be removed before entering classrooms.
  • No caps or hats in the building.
PE kit
  • Red and black t-shirt- only available from Emblematic.
  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings

Trainers must be worn in PE lessons. Plimsolls, Converse, or canvas type shoes are not suitable. Students are advised to wear football boots for football and rugby. Dance is barefoot. 

Optional, although advised in the colder months, a black jumper or black tracksuit top to wear over the top of their PE t-shirt. Black jumpers with the Academy logo are also available from Emblematic. 


Most of the equipment you need for school will be provided for you, but there are a few things that everyone needs to bring each day:

  • School bag (big enough to carry a A4 folder/exercise book)

  • Pencil case with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, etc

  • PE kit (on PE days)

  • Reading book (issued to you by your teacher)

General appearance
  • The Academy reserves the right to decide that the cut and colour of a students hairstyle is inappropriate e.g. tramlines, Mohicans or extreme short sides with longer hair on top.
  • Hair should be a natural colour.
  • Students may wear one small, single metal stud in each earlobe - no other piercings are allowed.
  • Visible body piercings are not allowed e.g. nose, top of the ear, tongue. Students will not be allowed to cover piercings with an Elastoplast. Parents are advised that if a child is to have a piercing it must take place at the start of the six weeks holiday and it must be removed on the first day of term.
  • No necklaces, bracelets or rings.
  • No false, gel or acrylic nails - natural coloured nail varnish only.
  • For health and safety reasons, nails need to be of a sensible length for work.
  • Large fashion belts are not acceptable or part of the school uniform in all subjects.
  • No false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.
  • No make-up except in Years 10 and 11 where discreet, natural make-up can be worn.
  • Hair bands should be thin and not overly decorative e.g. no large flowers.
  • No tattoos.

Any students whose appearance or uniform does not match the standards described in this leaflet will be sent to the pastoral office. They will also be given a blue uniform slip to be displayed in their top blazer pocket to ensure all staff are aware the student has been spoken with and repeated offences will result in sanctions.

Mobile phone use in the Academy

The use of mobile phones in schools is a privilege not a right. We reserve the right to revoke this privilege at any time if you do not follow the rules relating to responsible mobile phone use:

  • No phones to be used in class without permission from a member of staff
  • No photographs or recordings of teachers or students to be taken without their permission
  • You may not post or publish pictures, videos or audio recordings taken in school digitally, this means on social media or any other online sites.
  • Any inappropriate image will be confiscated and may be kept as evidence
  • Any inappropriate images, comments or campaigns on social media will be subject to school sanctions. Activities which may take place out of school, but have consequences back in school, will be dealt via the school’s published sanction system if appropriate/when necessary.
  • Finally: Arguments, repeat offences or defiance in relation to mobile phone/internet use will be subject to our usual school sanctions and the device will be confiscated and will only be released when collected by parents.


Each of our school blazers saves 46 plastic bottles from landfill! Our blazers are made with RE-VIVE fabric - an innovative, eco friendly material produced by Trutex. 

Here’s how it works...

  • Plastic bottles are shredded into ‘flakes’ and heated to make the material workable (known as the depolymerisation process). 
  • The flakes undergo further complex heating processes to form recycled chips which are then put through a special machine to form a fine polyester yarn which can then be woven into a durable fabric.

... and voilá, our school blazers are ready to be worn, helping to save the planet!