Maths is a core subject and as such is studied by every student in the school from Year 7 to Year 11. Maths is an all embracing and pervading part of life, helping us to create, plan, organise and solve problems.

The department, therefore, has a responsibility to create an environment whereby students are encouraged and stimulated to develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and acquire the necessary concepts, skills and knowledge. 

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 and 8, follow the national curriculum for mathematics as described in the National Numeracy Strategy National KS3 Strategy.

Students are set by ability and are taught at the appropriate level. Lessons are organised into four parts, connection, activation, demonstration and consolidation. Students undertake various assessments each half term so that we can accurately monitor their progress.

Key Stage 4

We begin our Key Stage 4 studies in Year 9. Students are set by ability having completed their options at the end of Year 8.  Students follow a linear GCSE in mathematics with the aim to complete the course in a final exam in the summer of Year 11. The course has two tiers of entry and students are assessed on ability regularly and entered for the appropriate syllabus and tier. The two tiers are:

  • Foundation grades - 5 -1
  • Higher grades – 9-4

Various exam boards are used to maximise student achievement.

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Examinations and curriculum information

Information on the topics we teach and the learning outcomes can be downloaded below or you can use the following links for further information on our Key Stage 4 syllabus.

Currently our Year 11s are studying Edexcel’s 1MA1 spec and are either foundation or higher.