Geography deals with issues that will shape the future lives of the pupils who study it.

These issues include sustainability, how other cultures exist and live, understanding of the physical and human world and how they interact with each other. Pupils learn geographical skills such as map reading, measuring weather and climate data and fieldwork. In delivering this and more, we utilise thinking skills, enquiry based learning, group work, decision making and core examination skills.

I really enjoyed visiting High Force on the Year 8 field trip, it helped me understand how waterfalls are formed in more detail because I got to see it.
Year 8 student

Curriculum information

You can download a breakdown of the learning outcomes and topics we teach in geography below or you can click to access further information on the syllabus followed in Years 10 and 11 at Key Stage 4.

I like learning about different countries and cultures, it has inspired me to want to travel when I am older
Year 9 student