Modern Foreign Languages

Modern foreign languages

Learning a language broadens horizons, instils confidence and deepens the understanding of the world in which we currently live. The benefits of being able to communicate in a second language are profound, opening minds to different cultures, developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as increasing employability.

The Modern Foreign Languages department at The Academy at Shotton Hall utilises these core beliefs to develop curious and confident language learners of the future who will have the skills and capacity to master whichever language they may choose. We currently teach French to all year groups.

We bring the world to our classroom by celebrating festivals, food tasting, exposure to the latest songs, cultural anthems, clips from French news and interviews and authentic texts from French literature, newspapers and magazines. All students have the opportunity to develop conversational language skills and the necessary key language to successfully complete daily tasks in France such as booking a table in a restaurant, hotel reservations, asking for directions. Comme c’est génial!

Curriculum information

In addition to our aim of creating independent, motivated language learners, MFL also contributes to the development of cultural capital in a variety of ways every lesson. Language and culture are explored, covering a variety of familiar and unfamiliar contexts. 





Tout sur moi 


Mon monde perso 

À table 

Mon quartier 

Ça c’est mon truc 

Destination vacances 

Bouger, c’est important! 

Le monde des médias 


Accro à la technologie 

En pleine forme 

Mon entourage 

La Vie Chez Moi 

Bienvenue à Peterlee 


C’est le weekend! 

Bon appétit! 

On Bouge! 


Bienvenue à Shotton Hall 

On fait la fête! 


Les Vacances et le tourisme 



Après mes examens 


Je suis accro 

Mes projets d’avenir 




La pauvreté 

Les organisations caritatives 

GCSE Exams 

The way that we learn French sounds in class really helps develop our French accent and speaking skills. I am really proud of how far mine have come since I started learning French in Year 7
Year 11 student
The reason why I like French is that every lesson is a surprise. There are a million different ways to learn a language, so for each lesson you can have as much fun as you want.
Year 9 student