Reigning cheerleading champions claim another victory

Date Published:
Monday 08 July 2019

Congratulations to our cheerleading squad who competed in the School Games on Friday at Maiden Castle and claimed victory for a second year. 

The event saw schools across County Durham compete against one another in a wide range of sports. This is the second year that cheerleading has been included in the event and the squad attended as the defending champions. 

They performed two different routines throughout the day and were judged on dance skills, appearance, arm motions, facial expressions, jumps, tumbling skills, stunting and overall effect.

Both routines were a success receiving a score of over 90 out of 100 from each judge, leading to a combined total of 367 out of 400. This fantastic score led to the squad being crowned champions for the second year running. 

We are so proud of all the hard work and commitment they have shown, congratulations on a fantastic result!

The squad will be performing one of their winning routines at Cultural Heritage Day on Tuesday and as part of the opening performance at the NELT Summer Concert next week. 

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