'Decorate your bottle' competition

Date Published:
Friday 22 June 2018

As part of our plastic pledge campaign in school, 7P2 held a 'decorate your bottle' competition this week.

Students were challenged with decorating a bottle to capture the plastic issue that is causing a harmful effect on our planet. Well done to everyone who entered, in particular, our winners; Richard Hughes, Olivia Holcroft and Maggie Knox (pictured below). 

Richard used his bottle to demonstrate how damaging plastic can be in our oceans. He filled his bottle with generic waste and wrote a message on it to highlight how plastic is harming marine life. Maggie placed plastic beads in her bottle to demonstrate the reality of micro-beads and smaller pieces of plastic on our eco-systems. Olivia decorated her bottle with some pictures of fish and sea mammals to remind us all of the animals we love and need to protect.

Don't forget to keep completing your plastic pledge card for a chance to win one of Shotton Hall's sought after re-usable water bottles!