Ex student Connor lands role in BBC production

Date Published:
Tuesday 20 September 2016
  • Ex student Connor lands role in BBC production
    Ex student Connor lands role in BBC production
  • Ex student Connor lands role in BBC production

Talented ex-student Connor Lawson, who previously starred in Billy Elliot on the West End can now be seen on The Dumping Ground - a TV series on CBBC.

Connor, who excelled in performing arts whilst in school was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his new role:

Tell us about your new part in The Dumping Ground – who do you play and what is your character like? 

My character's name is Alex. He's the catalyst to a lot of the problems that happen at the dumping ground. He has an extremely short temper and let's his anger overwhelmed in many situations. He tends to block out any real emotions as he doesn't want to project his "softer" side to the rest of the people in the house. But deep down there's good in Alex and let's see if he shows it...

When will it air, when can people watch you?

My first episode should air next year at some point but there's no confirmation on the date yet! 

What are you looking forward to about the production and who are you looking forward to working with?

Everything about the production is exciting. From make up to costume, to being on set. It's all really exciting stuff and great atmosphere to be part of. Everyone is amazing to work with and anyone you get the chance to work with on the dumping ground is a pleasure. I'm really fortunate to be part of it. 

What have been your career highlights since leaving school?

Highlights for me don't just consist of how successful you are, but also the other things you achieve. For instance, completing my a levels, passing my driving test. All of these things are highlights that make you better than who you are before - it's the little things. 

What would you say to any aspiring actors at Shotton Hall?

My best advice is to never give up. Why give up on something you love? There'll be hard times but don't let it doubt what you really want. Also, don't be afraid. Don't be afraid to do something that people think is wrong. Just because it's wrong to others, doesn't mean it's not right for you. Constantly apply 110% to whatever you do and everything will pay off for you. Be bold, be brave and be you. People will accept you for who you are, not someone else. As Oscar Wilde said; "Be yourself, everyone else is taken". 

Well done Connor and thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck in your new role!