Why Art Man

Why Art Man' community arts project

The Academy was lucky enough to be showcasing six concept art prints by Gateshead design studio Atomhawk. The prints were part of the 'Why Art Man' community arts project happening in October in East Durham.

Atomhawk is a multi-award winning art and design studio who make concept art and interactive design for films and computer games. Working with prestigious companies such as Marvel, Warner Brothers and Sony, Atomhawk artists create concept art that is internationally renowned

Why Art Man is a mixed arts festival hosting art exhibitions throughout the week. With a wide range of the arts to see, hear and experience, the festival promises a full programme of fun exhibitions encouraging public engagement throughout the week. Exhibitions from the 34 artists involved include paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass, music and perhaps some unexpected gems too.

Project curator Dr Maggie Parker commented:

"We are lucky enough to have permission to show the ‘Realm’ project, an internal project created by the talented concept artists based at Atomhawk.

"The premise of The Realm is set in the far distant future, when the world has been reclaimed by nature. Once proud cities now lay abandoned – overgrown with strange plants and twisted vines.

"Magic and mysticism have returned to earth and there are strange creatures lurking in the forests.  In The Realm, the age of technology (our current time) has come to an end, through an event that changed the world."

The Atomhawk artists explain “We’ve been very lucky to work on some great client projects. The work you see in this exhibition is a view into how we developed our own visual world, stretching and challenging the creative abilities and imaginations of our art team. We hope fellow artists out there will enjoy what we've created.”

The artwork is loosely based on old English and Scandinavian legend, mixed in with the epic landscapes of the north east, if students and staff look closely they may see something they have seen many times before...