Anna Walshaw

Having completed both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in psychology and educational psychology, Anna sought a career working with young people and their families and has been doing so since, for almost two decades.

In 2012, Anna entered the classroom at The Academy at Shotton Hall for an 'experience in schools' - a further degree and variety of job roles later, Anna is still happily working at the Academy.

Anna is currently a Designated Safeguarding Lead at the Academy and is also the Virtual Head for NELT. While both roles centre on the wellbeing and safeguarding of young people, a vital part of her role is nurturing the interdependence between the pastoral and academic aspects of school life. Supporting young people with the wider aspects of life is central to Anna's work, aiming to ultimately facilitate their successful learning.

Anna is enthusiastic about education; she believes it is a life-long journey and not confined to the walls of a classroom. She believes education is about: being open to experiences; about equality and diversity; listening to the opinions of others; respecting rules; learning to get along with others; practising empathy and continuing to do so.