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Information for staff

As teachers and school staff, we have a huge impact on the aspirations and career goals of young people. Studies suggest that, after parents, subject teachers are the second biggest influence on a young person’s career aims and choices.

Not only are we hugely influential role models for how our students conduct themselves, but our passion for our subjects can inspire students to consider how they might move into a subject-related profession. As part of Gatsby Benchmark 4 – Linking Careers to the curriculum - each department is required to embed careers-related activities into their curriculum. There are some fantastic examples of how this has already been achieved throughout school, involving homework/careers stickers/lessons that have been shared amongst departments and our Student Pod area has recently been updated to incorporate a fantastic range of subject-specific resources and reference sites. 

Each department is required to complete an audit of their Carers provision in order to aid target setting and if any department or staff member feels that they would benefit from further training on careers, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we can arrange for this to happen.

The Careers and Enterprise Company have a huge range of resources and guidance on how to successfully deliver careers education within subject areas. This document can be accessed here.

This document includes advice, tips and case studies for embedding careers into your subject area.

For other useful websites for ideas on how to link careers to the curriculum: