Anna Wellburn

Anna is currently working in the HR department at Nissan.

What have you been up to since leaving the Academy?

After leaving Shotton Hall, I started an apprenticeship at Nissan in the HR department. I’m still working for Nissan, now 5 years later, I have completed my degree while working full time and have recently been promoted too. I love my role and am so happy with how I’m progressing in the business and learning every day.


What do you remember most about your time at Shotton Hall? 

I loved the Performing Arts department when I was at school and was always involved with dance, cheerleading and the concerts so I’ve got loads of fond memories relating to those.

I also remember a lot of the open mic performances, they always got everyone involved and created a great atmosphere (even though not all of the talent was Oscar worthy!)  

How do you think your school days helped you prepare for what you do now?

I think by getting so involved in the Performing Arts lessons, clubs and events it’s massively built up a lot of confidence for me. It’s what helped me apply for my first job that I worked at after school from the age of 14, and a lot of the often competitive nature of Performing Arts has given me a lot of fight to keep on pushing myself.  

What has been the highlight of your life, so far, after leaving school?

Definitely graduating and receiving my promotion! I can’t pick between the two because they’re for such different reasons.

Graduating is a highlight for me due to it being so difficult to balance 3 years of studying, assignments and lectures alongside a full time job and the pressures that, that brings.

My promotion is a highlight as it was the recognition from the company that I’ve been working for since I started at Nissan. It proved that all my hard work had paid off and that all of the effort I put in was worth it!


What advice would you give to your younger self?

To look at all options that are available to you and pursue what you’re going to enjoy. A lot of people I know went down a route of what was suggested to them or was most ‘logical’ and they’ve now changed into something different and are doing really well. There’s no time frame to anything you ‘should’ do or achieve, and no right way of doing things.

Also, where possible stay in touch with your previous school whether that be via a STEM programme at college/university or a future workplace because when I’ve had this opportunity, previous teachers are so genuinely interested to hear about your success and are so proud.


You can invite one person to a dinner party - who do you invite and why?

I’d invite my younger self. I’d give her some advice and explain what I’ve achieved since leaving school. Although I was open minded to what success I would have at Nissan, I don’t think I’d have ever believed I’d handle the situations I have, hold the ability to carry out the roles I’ve been responsible for, and be capable of persevering through a tough but incredibly rewarding 5 years.