About our teaching school alliance

Amanda Moon

What do I bring to The Academy at Shotton Hall? I have spent my working life in industry, my route into industry was through a degree in engineering, although I did not continue as an engineer, the skills learned at university enabled me to progress to a senior level and experience many aspects of an internationally successful company.

I have encountered many different cultures through both work and my personal life and overcome many prejudices. Part of my role included the recruitment of graduates and other levels of staff, as well as staff development. Although I am no longer in paid employment I am heavily involved in my local community as a volunteer and I am a public representative on the East Durham Area Action Partnership where I chair one of the priority groups that looks at how to bring various bodies such as the Durham County Council, local businesses, charities and volunteer groups and interested parties to address issues such as welfare reform and debt management.

All of this means that I am able to bring skills learned in industry into the school, such as problem-solving, organisational and business development. These skills will support the staff at the school. Through my work with local authorities and organisations I have gained an understanding of the social environment here and what issues are being faced by the families and hence the children, as well as what support and initiatives are available that may be beneficial to the children and their carers.

So, why am I a governor? My daughter is about to leave the school and her time here has been happy and successful, I have seen her blossom into a confident young lady and I would like every child to be given the support, care and attention that she has had, they can then go on and be the best they can, so that they can provide the brighter future that parents and carers want for the children they are responsible for. I want to ensure this is done in a safe and caring environment and I hope that I can use my experiences to further develop the school.

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