School timetable

The Academy at Shotton Hall operates on a operates a 32.5 hour week, on a 50-period timetable.

Breakfast Club is open from 8:00am Monday- Friday. Students are to be on site from 8:20am ready for SEPT which begins at 8:30am. The school day finishes at 2:50pm. Here is a full breakdown of the school day:




8.30am - 8.50am 

Tutor time 


8.50am - 9.50am 

Period 1 


9.50am -10.50am 

Period 2 


10.50am -11.10am 



11.10am - 12.10pm 

Period 3 


12.10pm -13.50pm 

Period 4 and lunch  



Early lunch  

Lunch - 12.10pm - 12.50pm (Period 4 12.50pm - 1.50pm) 


Late lunch  

(Period 4 12.10pm - 1.10pm) lunch -1.10pm -1.50pm 

1.50pm - 2.50pm 

Period 5