GCSE success!

Date Published:
Thursday 20 August 2020

Congratulations to our GCSE students who collected their long awaited GCSE results today. 

Despite the unprecedented global situation and national uncertainty surrounding results our students did exceptionally well and we are very proud of their achievements.

Head of School, Alex Hook said: "Well done! Your results reflect your hard work over the last five years. A year like no other for a year group like no other. From all the staff at Shotton Hall, congratulations and good luck!"  

Head of Year Ms Dobie collected some memories and comments from the students as they collected their results this morning. Here is what they had to say:

“What a treat to see you all collecting your results.  I could not be more proud of you all and I wish you every success in your next steps” Mrs Dobie

“Thank you to all my amazing teachers who have helped and supported me. I will miss Shotton Hall so much.”  Lucy Armstrong

“Thanks.”  Millan Baxter

“Thanks for everything.” Aaran Hope

“Thanks for a fantastic five years.”  Lydia Matterson

“Thank you for everything you did.” Grace Molyneux

“Thanks for teaching me.” Callum Robinson

“Thank you for everything, miss you all.” Kayleigh Graham

“I will miss everyone.  Thank you for the memories.” Megan Turner

“Thank you for pushing me in the right direction.” Becca C

“Thank you for being amazing teachers and helping me in school.” Gwen Dear

“Thank you to the teachers for always believing in me.” Love Holly C

“Thank you so much to every teacher that has helped me to do so well.” Sophie Ogden

“Thank you so much for all the help and support throughout my time here. I have never been to such a friendly helpful place. Shotton Hall is the place I made so many supportive friends and learned many life lessons.” Sorcha Lunow

“It was good while it lasted and even though I wasn’t here for long I appreciate everyone who supported me for the short time that I was here. Thank you so much.” Harvey Coombes

“I appreciate all the support and love throughout the years.  Thank you so much.” Lauren R

“Thank you for all the memories.” Emma Bendelow

“Thank you to every teacher that has helped me with everything. I’m so proud and gutted my time here is over.” Leona Huntington

“Thank you to all the teachers. It has been the best five years.” Lauren Hudson

“Thank you for everything.” Lottie Bower

“Thanks for the memories.” Aidan Grand

“Thank you for everything.” Mia Hunter

“Thank you for everything, I’m so appreciative and everybody has been so supportive.” Emily Atkinson

“Thank you for the best years.” Sophie Christie

“Thank you for everything.” Ruby, Katie and Abbie

“Thank you for everything.” Mia Babycz

“Thank you for everything.” Bobby Haswell

“Thank you for everything.” Kayla Nichol

“Thank you so much.” Molly McKee


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