Keys to Success - whole-school literacy package

Broken down into five key areas, the ‘Keys to Success’ package outlines the rules and guidelines students need to flourish in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our package comes complete with ready-to-print materials including large classroom posters and handy pocket-sized prompt cards. 

The ‘Keys to Success’ is a highly visible whole-school literacy strategy designed to support students with the literacy skills they need to be successful right across the curriculum – not only in English.

Developed by a team of outstanding English teachers, the keys have been recognised by teachers nationally and internationally as a truly pioneering approach to improving literacy across all age ranges and abilities. Presented at the SSAT Achievement Show and featured in the Leading Edge magazine in 2013.

Using the ‘Display and Discuss’ technique, teachers can develop quality opportunities to enrich talk about literacy in the classroom. The keys enable students to make links between the literacy skills needed in different disciplines. Students are more familiar with ‘literacy discourse’ which supports their application of the skills being addressed.

To find out more about the keys, or to purchase the package for your school, please contact or call 0191 518 0222. 

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A consistent and firm focus on teaching literacy in all subjects helps students make excellent progress in developing their literacy skills. Students who need help to improve their reading are given very effective specialist help so that they make rapid progress.
Ofsted, July 2013
Since the literacy keys have been implemented there has been a significant increase in the importance of literacy across the curriculum. Teachers have reported that students are using the Keys to success poster to enable them to take extra time in developing their literacy skills. For example the majority of ...
Anthony Farr, Lead Head of Learning Community, Mascalls Academy
The Keys to Success is a fantastic idea: easy to use, easy to understand, and with consistent use, is highly effective in raising the literacy standards in schools.
Teresa Menton, Compass International School, Qatar