Shotton Academy-153

School uniform, equipment and mobile phones

All students who attend the Academy will need a school uniform. Wearing a uniform creates a sense of community and we believe that our uniform is both practical and fair.

Uniforms can be purchased online here or by visiting the 'Little Gems' shop in Peterlee or by calling 0191 416 8889.

We ask all parents/carers to ensure their child comes to school wearing the correct uniform. If parents/carers are unsure about the uniform policy, they should contact the school.

Our uniform

  • Plain white school shirt buttoned to the neck with school tie

  • Optional school v-neck jumper

  • Plain black, formal straight cut trousers - no jeans, leggings, canvas or stretchy style

  • A line or straight skirt - not tight fitting or short and not more than one inch above the knee

  • Blazer with school badge and colour strip

  • Plain black leather or leather-style shoes no trainers, plimsolls, pumps or boots

PE kit 

  • School red and black t-shirt

  • Black shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings

  • Trainers must be worn in PE lessons. Plimsolls, Converse, Toms, Flossies or similar canvas type shoes are not suitable

  • It is advisable that students wear football boots for sports such as football and rugby

  • Optional, for colder months, a school black jumper or a black tracksuit top to wear over the top of PE t-shirt. 

  • A black base layer can be worn under PE t-shirts during colder months


Most of the equipment you need for school will be provided for you, but there are a few things that everyone needs to bring each day:

  • Student planner (issued on the first day of term each year)

  • School bag (big enough to carry a A4 folder/exercise book)

  • Pencil case with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, etc

  • PE kit (on PE days)

  • Reading book (issued to you by your teacher)


To maintain standards we ask for your co-operation regarding hairstyles:

  • Severe haircuts including stepped, undercut, tramlines, extremely close-cut styles or any pattern shaved into the hair are not appropriate

  • Hair should be a natural colour and one colour only

  • Long hair should be tied back or otherwise look neat, tidy and well-kept

Coats and tops

  • Outdoor coats should be dark in colour and suitable for adverse weather conditions

  • Denim and sweatshirt fabric and hooded tops are not acceptable

  • We recommend that expensive designer coats are not brought into school

Your property

  • Every item of clothing or equipment must be clearly marked with your name

  • Handheld electronic devices must not be used during lessons unless told otherwise by a teacher

We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to items brought into school. 

Jewellery and make up

  • No jewellery is allowed except for watches

  • Body piercing is not permitted and students will be asked to remove it. Exception: one discreet stud worn in the lobe of each ear is permitted for students with pierced ears

  • Make up or nail varnish must not be worn at all in Years 7-9

  • Years 10 - 11 are allowed to wear discreet make up as an upper school privilege

  • No false eyelashes

  • No false, gel or acrylic nails

  • No bright colour nail varnish

Trainers and caps

  • Trainers and caps must not be worn


Mobile phone use in the Academy

The use of mobile phones in schools is a privilege not a right. We reserve the right to revoke this privilege at any time if you do not follow the rules relating to responsible mobile phone use:

  • No phones to be used in class without permission from a member of staff
  • No photographs or recordings of teachers or students to be taken without their permission
  • You may not post or publish pictures, videos or audio recordings taken in school digitally, this means on social media or any other online sites.
  • Any inappropriate image will be confiscated and may be kept as evidence
  • Any inappropriate images, comments or campaigns on social media will be subject to school sanctions. Activities which may take place out of school, but have consequences back in school, will be dealt via the school’s published sanction system if appropriate/when necessary.
  • Finally: Arguments, repeat offences or defiance in relation to mobile phone/internet use will be subject to our usual school sanctions, . Arguments, repeat offences or defiance in relation to mobile phone/internet use will be subject to our usual school sanctions and the device will be confiscated and will only be released when collected by parents.