Friendly 'buddies' recruited!


Did you know that when you start school at the Academy you will be paired up with your very own buddies? Each sept group (a group you meet with each morning for your whole school life) has two buddies - a boy and a girl.

Meet Brodie and his buddy who will show you around the Academy

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  • Dreaming about your first day at school?

Buddies are students who know the Academy like the back of their hand and who can show you round and answer any questions you might have. They will also be around at break and lunch times so if there is anything you are worried about or unsure about not only can you ask a teacher - you can ask your very own buddy!

Each buddy has had to apply for the 'job' and go through a tough interview to make sure they are up to the task. Recruitment of our Year 7 'buddies' was harder than ever this year with 77 applicants and 55 interviews for only 30 places.

Read what our buddies and new students have said about our buddy system below and you'll see why we had so many applications!

Buddy application comments: 

“I would love this chance to represent Shotton Hall.” Ellie Curtis 7S1

“I generally like to tell people how great something is and just completely show off how amazing it is.  I would love the chance to explain how amazing all the teachers are and how amazing school is.  I love expressing how proud I am of my school.”  Aerin De Garis-Young 7T3

“I want them to know that Shotton Hall is a good safe school where they can learn great things.” Erin Thwaites 7P1

“I would be able to give a positive outlook on everything as I am able to give a good review of the school as I enjoy school very much” Paige Wood 7P2

“As soon as I got into Year 7 I wanted to be a buddy” Allistair Stenson 7T3

“If I was a buddy I could give the encouragement that I received when I first joined Shotton Hall.” Kaitlyn Bell 7P2

“When I first came to Shotton Hall the buddies were always there to help.” Lauren Hudson 7P2

“When I moved into Year 7 I was quite scared but the buddies helped me overcome my worries.” Erin Thwaites 7P1

“When I moved from primary to secondary, I never felt lonely, lost or unhappy because of the fabulous buddies in my sept. I would like to ensure the new Year 7 feel the same way as me.” Eleanor O’Reilly 7S3

“For me, moving to Year 7 was easy as I had many people there to support me and help me whenever I had any worries or questions.” Holly Cockroft 7E1

“The buddies made my transition much easier. They understood how I was feeling and answered any questions I had.” Lydia Matterson 7S2

“I have tremendously looked up to the buddies as they helped me feel comfortable.” Gwen Compton 7S3

“Coming to a new school is scary but not with the help of the buddies.” Katie Davies 7T2

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