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Vivo rewards

Every student at The Academy at Shotton Hall can earn Vivo points to spend on a variety of exciting rewards - it’s just like having your own bank account!

How does the Vivo points system work?

Teachers will award students Vivo points for a whole range of achievements including good behaviour, excellent classwork and homework, representing the school, fund-raising, meeting deadlines, plus a whole lot more.

Vivo has its own dedicated website where students can log on to see their points, watch them grow and spend them on whatever they like! There is a huge range of goodies to choose from which even include iPods (if you manage to save enough points)!

How do you spend Vivo points?

• log on to the Vivo website
• check your points total
• select the reward
• rewards are sent to school

The good thing about Vivo is that you can’t lose points – it is completely positive. All you have to do is work hard and earn the Vivos.

Click here to login to your account.