Head boy and head girl appointed

Student council and young leaders

At the Academy we have an exciting young leaders' programme which gives students the chance to learn valuable leadership skills for the future. Young leaders are there to help any students who need support, especially Year 7s in their first term.

Some of the roles within the young leaders programme include:


What they do

Restorative practice leaders

Help to train others in solving problems that sometimes occur between students such as disagreements.

Charity leaders

Look at fundraising activities both on a local and national scale.

Visitors/parents’ evening leaders

Are the first port of call when visitors are in school or to man the welcome area during parents’ evenings.

Sports leaders and walkers

Organise and oversee general sporting activities such as daily one mile walks, Wii Fit and ball games. 


Are given a duty point around school at lunchtime to 

Student council

We are very proud of our school council - a group of students elected by students to represent them on school matters. In September each year we have elections for each tutor group followed by the excitement of elections for two year group representatives.

Head girl and boy

The prestigious role of head boy and girl is to lead the school council and the prefects and act as the students' representatives on issues that affect everyone such as uniform, catering and even interviewing new teachers! They are also ambassadors for the school and represent us on trips and at events outside the school. 


This year's head girl and head boy are Meghan Dixon and Rhys Clish. 


Meghan said: "I am pleased to have been chosen as head girl because I get to be a voice for the students and support the younger years. We have already been supporting the new Year 7s in their transition days at the Academy."


Rhys said: "I am happy to be head boy as I want to give a voice to the students who aren't normally heard. I want to use the opinions I receive to make the school an even happier place."


Raising issues

For more information about the school council contact any of the pastoral team. If you have any issues about the school that you'd like to be discussed at the school council meetings, contact your sept representative who will take them forward on your behalf.

Don't forget that, as always, you can speak to your sept tutor or any member of staff you feel happy to approach about any problems or worries you may have. 

How to get involved

Interviews take place each year for a range of leadership duties - it is a great chance for you to learn new skills, meet new people and make a difference to your school.

If you'd like the chance to be involved or to find out more contact Miss Siddle or speak to your sept tutor.