iSparks is a new initiative at the Academy which offers the very top students extra support and guidance needed to reach their maximum potential and achieve the very highest grades possible in maths, English and science.

It includes a whole school programme of enrichment activities including extra lessons, homework and extra-curricular opportunities. 

How are students selected for iSparks?
60 students in Year 8 and 60 students in Year 9 will be selected to become iSparks for their next school year. Admission into the iSparks programme is by invitation from the headteacher and is based on students' performance at Key Stage 2 and their attainment, achievement and attitude at the Academy.

What does the iSparks programme include?
The iSparks programme includes a range of high quality enrichment activities designed to inspire, motivate and, most importantly, challenge students to achieve their very best.

How will it work?

iSparks students will be broken down into two groups:

  • Cohort 1 - for students working at grade B but aiming for an A
  • Cohort 2 - for students working at grade A/A*

Cohort 1 will take part in a fixed after school session every Tuesday from 3.00pm – 4.30pm in a maximum of two subjects from maths, English and science. 

Cohort 2 students will take part in a enrichment activity every term, this may include; lectures, debates, practical lessons from external speakers (e.g. university lectures and industry professionals) or residential visits.

Both cohorts will also get extra and extended homework tasks and more challenging tasks within regular daily lessons.

iSparks activities will encourage students to develop skills in:

  • Independent learning
  • Expanded thinking / creative thinking
  • Research
  • Communication
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Debating
  • Team working

Why have an iSparks programme?
iSparks will enable students to work at a higher cognitive level to develop and draw out the extra skills and knowledge needed to achieve A and A* grades.

Although every student is given the specific support they need to succeed at the Academy, iSparks will take learning to the next level, challenging students to push themselves further, questioning, analysing and researching at a level beyond what is expected of them at GCSE, helping to prepare them for academic life beyond the Academy.

To find out more about iSparks, speak to Mr Davies in science or if you are a parent please call the Academy on 0191 518 0222 and ask for Mr Davies.