About our teaching school alliance


Our key staff working with students with SEND are as follows:

SENCO and Assistant Principal 

Mrs Angie Mein

Responsible for implementation of the school’s SEN policy, management of the day to day support, progress and inclusion of all students with SEN, identification of students with SEN, liaison with parents, students and outside agencies, special exam access arrangements, providing support and training for all school staff on SEN needs and liaising with feeder schools.

Assistant SENCO Lisa Waister
SEN Support Officer Carol Crosbie
Teaching assistant  Audrey Hepworth
Teacher in Charge of Intervention and Cross curricular Literacy and Numeracy Anna Pickover
Intervention Maths Lead Richard Simson
English associate teacher for intervention Lisa Bowes
English associate teacher for Intervention Lisa Gaze
Learning Support Lead Kathleen Clarke
Behaviour Support Lead Jo Heslop
SEN Governor Amanda Moon