Early intervention and support

At the Academy we are committed to raising standards of literacy and numeracy. Early interventions enable students to make outstanding progress in English and maths and, ultimately, right across the curriculum. There are many different intervention pathways that students can be placed on to ensure that they receive timely and expert support including:

The LINK department

The LINK department (literacy, numeracy, inclusion, knowledge) provides catch up support for students in key stage 3 who need that extra push to meet their aspirational targets. An intensive literacy and/or numeracy intervention programme is delivered by highly experienced staff. Students will be withdrawn for one term from some lessons for this programme.

Moving up Students who require additional support in key stage 3 will be provided with timetabled moving up lessons. Each lesson is delivered by an experienced maths or English teacher. Groups are smaller than the average class size. The course itself will be tailored to suit the literacy and/or numeracy needs of the students in each group.

More specialised support is delivered by the individual needs department. Students receive three 20 minute ‘bursts’ of learning from areas covering phonics, handwriting, spelling, comprehension and grammar – hence its unusual and interesting name!

In addition to all of this, we also use speed up handwriting, better reading partnership (BRP), read, write, inc. phonics, and a whole host of other intervention programmes designed to get our students back on track. If you would like to know more about any of our programmes, please feel free to contact the Academy directly.