International links

International links

The Academy at Shotton Hall is proud to be part of e-Twinning and Erasmus - partnerships between schools from different regions of Europe, managed by the British Council, which aim to give young people opportunities to experience life in other countries either through visits or technological connections.

Erasmus aims to:

  • Give young people a glimpse of life in other countries from a perspective beyond that of a tourist.
  • Raise students’ horizons and thereby empower them to have the confidence to travel throughout Europe for higher education and/or employment.
  • Supplement the curriculum by participating in academic fieldwork in other countries.
  • Encourage active citizenship through developing an understanding of democratic processes and an awareness of other cultures.

Our international work is led by British council ambassador, seasoned globetrotter, and self-styled international relations devotee, maths teacher, Ian Kell.

As well as racking up lots of air miles, Mr Kell has presented training to teachers from four countries in Athens and 29 countries in Warsaw. He has also led training sessions on internationalism at British Council conferences and through The Academy at Shotton Hall, he has supported international project start ups in County Durham, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland. 

Ex-students with Nick Clegg at the European Mock Council Debate
Ex-students with Nick Clegg at the European Mock Council Debate

Recent and current international Erasmus projects

Smart maths

Partners from Spain, Italy, Newcastle, Estonia have been working on 'gamification' in maths creating an interactive maths game website inspired by Tomb Raider. The group also created a play and developed maths trails in Pompeii, Denia, Estonia, Corbridge and Durham. The Academy at Shotton Hall has hosted students from all these countries with students visiting all of the partner countries. Take a look at our Smart Maths website here

The Bridge

The Bridge is a history project with partners from Norway, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands, where students have created newspapers from key dates in our national histories - out students chose 1066. The project resulted in a big conference which was attended by teachers from 24 schools (including students from Brazil) with presentations from Dutch, Spanish and Serbian schools.


Shotton Hall students, along with partners from Finland, Malta, Croatia and Malta, have been working on a project that project that challenge stereotypes. This will culminate in a big conference where we have secured a visit from a Greek parliamentary minister to speak about refugees in Greece. This conference will also include speakers from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia specifically aimed at developing links between schools from countries which were embroiled in a bitter war until 2001 and which continues to feature in the news.

Green jobs  

Partners from Martinique, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Norway, Romania will soon be coming together with Shotton Hall students to work together to promoting job prospects and career advice.

Circuit sesame  

In conjunction with our Duke of Edinburgh work, partners from Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy came together to learn about geo-mapping.  Students have worked on creating maps and routes for hill walking and cycling in the area and have visited all partner schools. The project has been so successful that it won a quality award from the British Council. 

Recent and current international e-Twinning projects

My classroom my world   

A maths project which was awarded first prize at the British Council Awards for e-Twinning projects. It was also awarded the European quality label as one of the best projects in Europe and it has been long listed as the best STEM Project in Europe and Eurasia - the short list is due to be announced in March.

Maths is life    

A project with partners from Serbia, UK, Bosnia which was highly commended at British Council Awards for e-Twinning. It was also awarded a European quality label as one of the best STEM projects in Europe.


A maths/cookery project with partners from Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine and Belgium.