Physical education

Physical education

Teenagers have enormous amounts of energy and many are happy to divert this into fun physical activities by enthusiastically taking part in PE at Shotton Hall.

This choice brings great benefits and pleasure because taking part in sport can contribute to good physical health, which in turn helps people to look and feel good.

Physical activity along with a good diet can help to prevent obesity, enabling young people to develop a positive body image. Physical challenges can increase personal fitness, raise self esteem and relieve stress and tension. Playing and competing with others also develops friendships, teamwork and co-operation. The fun activities introduced at school also encourage children to join in with extra-curricular sports clubs.

PE is my favourite subject because we get to do all different kinds of sports with a wide range of extra-curricular clubs on after school. We have won the Durham County Cup for the under 13 and under 14 girls’ football two years in a row!
Year 9 student

Curriculum information

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