English and P4L teacher: Ms Baker

Ms Baker

What you have done / achieved in your career?

I started my career working for Accenture as a project manager specialising in finance and fraud. It was my job to setup and coordinate the creation of software and processes to respond to credit and debit card fraud. This was cool as I got to manage multi-million pound projects and see how banks deal with international crime. After a while I made the big decision to leave London, my job and become a teacher.

Before this transition I travelled to Thailand and used my hobby, scuba diving, as a way to make some money. I worked as a scuba diving master, showing people how to explore the underwater world. It was a tough decision leaving the Island of Koh Tao to return to the sunny shores of Peterlee to become a teacher of English, RE and citizenship. But, I am sure it was the right decision. 

Is teaching what you always wanted to do?

None of these career options were ones I had ever planned on doing. I wanted to be a pathologist, archaeologist, palaeontologist then Prime Minister (in that order…).

Why did you choose teaching?

I am open to new ideas and I like new experiences. For this reason I have drifted into different jobs, roles and careers – you never know when a new door of opportunity might open.

What you have gained from this experience?

I have gained a breadth of experience and knowledge of the world around me. Working across a variety of locations, jobs and areas has helped me understand an array of skills, worlds and characters – helping me adapt to other roles and opportunities.

Top career tip: Go with your heart. Sometimes the most sensible option is not always the most rewarding.

English and P4L teacher: Ms Baker
English and P4L teacher: Ms Baker