Art and design

Art is a fantastic and fascinating subject. It is another way in which we can communicate to others. Just the process of thinking in a creative way, designing and making ideas come to life, makes it exciting to teach and for students to learn. Art is also a window into different worlds; through artwork we can learn about different times, cultures and places.

At The Academy at Shotton Hall we provide many opportunities for our students to learn the practical hands-on aspects of art, as well as the historical and theoretical part of it too. In doing so, a solid foundation is created for those that want to take it further. We aim to heighten students’ understanding of their environment and develop cognitive abilities to assist in judgment making and communication skills.

Out of the whole school I think art is the best subject to learn - you learn and do different things including the colour wheel and modelling using clay.
Year 9 student

Whats been happening in the art department recently?

  • A group of 40 Year 9 and 10 art and design and dance students visited the capital city as part of their GCSE studies. Activities included a trip to the V&A Museum, watching School of Rock at the theatre, visits to famous landmarks including Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace and more. See photos here
  • Our art club created a piece of artwork for a competition called 'arts and minds' based on diversity and tackling racism. Their final idea included painted hands (extremely hard to do!), hand drawn and collaged flags, a painted galaxy and 'diversity' written in languages from around the world. Read more and see photos here
  • Caitlin Stephenson's photo was featured in a calendar after winning the Bright Water photography competition last year. Read more about that here

The department are also planning a 2018 trip for GCSE art and BTEC dance students - see Miss Peel or Miss Gunn for more info.